AGEOPS – explore this online ordering system

There are many online ordering systems such as Yo, Amazon etc. for readers to choose from. These online ordering systems have a lot of demands on the content writers because it needs them to stay up to date with products and prices. AGEOPS is a software that allows government officials to communicate and receive information Read More

AGEOPS – ensuring compliance with international procurement standards

AGEOPS is a software that aims to help government agencies of Afghanistan purchase goods and services in an efficient and timely manner. The system has been developed by the Afghan National Computer Network Authority (ANCA) towards the aim of enhancing transparency and efficiency in the country’s procurement process. The system was launched in 2013 and Read More

AGEOPS – efficiency, effectiveness, fairness and accountability in the procurement system

In order to provide a better transparent and efficient procurement system, the Afghan government is planning to open the procurement process. The project aims to provide an underlying framework for modern e-procurement systems. It will enable firms with technical competences in different disciplines to participate in the procurement process with a view to making improvements; Read More

AGEOPS what does this abbreviation mean?

Ageops is a government’s system to manage the procurement of goods and services for the Afghan Government. It is a centralised procurement system, based on e-procurement, which provides fast and secure access to all procurements through one single online platform. AGEOPS is a system which enables Afghan ministries to access public procurement information, create procurement Read More

Afghanistan Government Electronic And Open Procurement System (AGEOPS)

AGEOPS is a government platform to manage open procurement, which has been in use since 2009 and developed by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Administration, General Directorate of Procurement. It was created by a decision of the Cabinet on 2 March 2009 and it was rolled out gradually. The AGEOPS is used for all major procurement Read More